III Евразийская научно-практическая конференция по пест-менеджменту

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II Евразийская научно-практическая конференция по пест-менеджменту

Уважаемые коллеги! Мы рады сообщить вам о проведении II Евразийской научно-практической конференции по пест-менеджменту, которая пройдет в ...

Аэрозольные генераторы холодного и горячего тумана: уникальные возможности и неоспоримый эффект обработки поверхностей

Аэрозольные устройства, работающие на основе диспергирования, идеальны для тех, кто занимается обработкой поверхностей, помещений, ...

Спасем больше жизней чистыми руками

По данным ВОЗ от инфекций, занесенных в медицинских учреждениях, ежегодно умирают 16 миллионов человек. Швейцарский врач Дидье ...

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embivalence between Willie and the Kings particularly
The Warriors are reportedly signing former Kentucky Wildcat Willie Cauley Stein. Here are 3 reasons why Golden State made the move
The University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball Program has had just three first team All Americans during the Calipari regime. The most recent of the bunch, hipster center Willie Cauley Stein, is on the move after four seasons in Sacramento. He won’t be traveling far, however, since his next stop is a simple greyhound and multiple hours of standstill traffic away, in San Francisco where he’ll team up with the Golden State Warriors.

Next to fellow Cat De’Aaron Fox, Cauley Stein averaged 11.9 points, 8.4 rebounds, and 2.4 assists this past season for the overachieving Kings. Finally in a winning situation and surrounded by a promising young core, Cauley Stein https://www.kentuckywildcatscenter.com/deaaron-fox-jersey-c-1.html, Fox, Oklahoma folk hero Buddy Hield, and the rest of their lavender outfitted crew blew the doors off preseason expectations, soaring to a playoff contending 39 43 final record after being pegged as just a 26 win team coming into to last season.

KENTUCKY BASKETBALL Best Moments from 2019 Season
While the cheeriness returned to Sacramento after an extended hibernation and local fans at long last had a reason to be engaged, Cauley Stein expressed sour feelings towards the organization after the conclusion of the season, and even asked that the Kings not extend him a qualifying offer once he hit free agency, making him an unrestricted commodity.

After reading the tea leaves surrounding the ambivalence between Willie and the Kings particularly the fans , I must admit, he is not a popular character. Sacramento’s social media sphere albeit social media is usually negative Edrice Adebayo Jersey anyways is riddled with distaste for Cauley Stein and his lack of assertiveness, focus, passion, and more than anything else, his effort, which fades in and out quite often. I don’t know the whole story behind Willie’s experience in Sacramento and his relationships with his teammates, the front office, and the fans, but I do know that he has removed himself from the situation. According to a report from Warriors correspondent Marcus Thompson of the athletic, Cauley Stein will play for Golden State next season

I’m told Willie Cauley Stein coming to the Warriors. Was Damian Jones that bad in the Summer League debut? Does that mean no DeMarcus Cousins?

— Marcus Thompson ThompsonScribe July 2 , 2019

After some sour apples fell off the tree https://www.kentuckywildcatscenter.com/sacha-killeyajones-jersey-c-2.html, WCS made a swift exit and he landed in Golden State. Not too shabby. Here are a few reasons why the Warriors brought the former Kings center on board for 2020.
According to a few non certified rumors around NBA circles, Cauley Stein is coming to the Bay on a one year deal slightly above the veteran minimum. Given that Golden State’s budget is stretched thinner than Bol Bol’s frame and they have next to no room left for free agents, one would think the deal is quite small. On Willie’s end, I’m confused why he didn’t try to fetch more money. If he did sign for around the minimum, that’s chump change compared to what average starting centers are earning these days. Why not seek a multi year guaranteed deal worth at least 7 or 8 million? The last former Kentucky center to try this maneuver, Nerlens Noel, said no to 70 Million over 4 years and has since failed to sign for even a fraction of that sum.

Either way, Golden State could care less. They just brought a starting rim running center on board for a couple of bucks. From their perspective, there is no reason not to make the transaction.

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I’m sure the front office is aware of Cauley Stein’s drawbacks from his days in California’s capital which is a possible reason for his lack of a bigger contract , but the upside for Cauley Stein, just 25 years old, is still much higher than the risk. As we saw at Kentucky, Willie at his peak and anchoring a defense is a monster not to be messed with. He was a historic defender at the college level and he does enough on offense to remain relevant. Smart move from Golden State, especially if this was the final asking price for Cauley Stein.

2. Frontcourt Depth
The Warriors’ lack of depth in the frontcourt was frightening in the postseason. In the Finals against Toronto, Golden State sponged frontcourt minutes via a committee of untrustworthy pawns Jordan Bell, Damian Jones, Jonas Jerebko, and the injury maligned DeMarcus Cousins and Kevon Looney. That ensemble was an unequivocal dumpster fire. And they already lost Bell, Cousins, and Jerebko in free agency. Factor in added tread on Draymond Green’s tires and the loss of Andre Iguodala in the D’Angelo Russell sign and trade https://www.kentuckywildcatscenter.com/hamidou-diallo-jersey-c-4.html, and Golden State has overwhelming vacancies in the frontcourt. Cauley Stein, sans the headaches, will be a reliable option in the starting lineup or off the pine. He is a competent rebounder, an athlete of rare ability at seven feet tall, and can score with reasonable efficiency around the basket. He will learn his role and play within it in Steve Kerr’s warped system. Drama aside, Cauley Stein put up 12 8 numbers on a near .500 squad in 2019. He will certainly get minutes for the former champs.
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